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We provide Maintenance, Repairs & Installations of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.

We service Residential Customers and Commercial Clients in Lower Westchester County, New York and are a Fully Licensed & Insured Company with many years of experience with a team of uniformed service technicians and installers always ready to work.

24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We’re prepared for every season.

No matter what season it is, we can service your heating and air conditioning needs so that you never have to sacrifice comfort in your home. Browse through the list of services below to learn more and give us a call or send us a message when you are ready to make an appointment.

Our team of certified technicians have the proper training and experience to repair all air conditioning equipment. We have the knowledge and expertise to accurately diagnose any issues you may be having. It is our commitment to you, our customer, that we provide you with an honest diagnosis and take the time to properly explain what is going on. Our team receives regular training and is taught about new technology and changes happening in the industry. When we come to understand exactly what is going on, we provide you with an affordable solution.

Whether you want to install a central air conditioner, a high velocity or ductless system, Alex Heating & Air Conditioning will always welcome the opportunity. Our highly skilled team members can install any type of cooling system to get you through the hot summers, making sure you are as comfortable as you deserve to be.

We install many different types of air conditionning systems and carry a top notch range of affordable and reliable options. As your air conditioning system ages, it may slowly stop working or lose efficiency, this is the perfect time to have us come in and provide you with the right solution. We have our own sheet metal shop which helps us get the job done faster and make custom duct work for difficult applications. We offer zoning systems and all of our men are professionally trained. We are committed to offering high quality air conditoning systems for all of our customers in lower Westchester County.

Our team of professionals has the experience and know-how to repair your heating equipment. When something goes wrong, we’re on call 24/7 to help come and repair whatever it is. Our uniformed technicians will show up ready to help. Once the problem has been properly diagnosed, we can offer you what we believe are the best solutions. We understand the importance of keeping costs low, and making sure repairs are affordable, that is why we will work together to decide on the best course of action.

We provide maintenance of all types of Heating Systems in homes and businesses. In lower Westchester County, New York, heat is probably among one of the most important things needed to work properly during the winter time. We work with all kinds of systems and when it comes to maintenance, we offer different customized programs for our customers to help ensure their systems are working properly each season. Whether you have Forced Air, Radiant Heat, Hydronic, or Steam Radient – Alex Heating & AC can get the job done.

We install many different types of heating systems and carry a top notch range of affordable and reliable options. As your heating system ages, it can either stop working or just slowly being to lose efficiency. We have our own sheet metal shop which helps us get the job done faster and make custom duct work for difficult applications. We are committed to offering high quality heating systems for all of our customers in lower Westchester County. Whether you own a single family home or a larger building, we can develop a heating solution that’s just right for you and will serve your particular needs.


Alex Heating & AC is the go-to company in Lower Westchester County, New York. From Air Conditioner Installation or Repair to Furnace Replacement to Heat Pump Installation— those are among just some of the high quality services we continue to provide to our clients. Alex Heating & AC offers an affordable solution for our Residential customers and Commercial clients.


We offer custom Service Agreements where we perform maintenance once at the start of each season on your HVAC system. We also offer FREE service calls in the event where a system breaks down. This ensures that if there ever is a problem with your cooling or heating system, we’ll be there to fix the issue.


Our experienced technicians arrive to our customers homes or businesses and provides a careful inspection of the issue, which is then ultimately used to develop a proper diagnosis of the problem. At this time, we provide you with a solution and a plan moving forward and this is where we give each of our customers up-front pricing, from the beginning of any job.


The best thing about new installations of HVAC systems are that each product is backed by a 10 year product warranty. We will always be available to service the systems, but the product warranty allows you to rest assured that you are covered in the case of an emergency.

It is important to change your filters because it can prolong the life of the system,
make it run more efficiently and ultimately prevent a costly repair.

To keep the system running at maximum efficiency and to avoid costly service calls.

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